That's great, excelent. nouveaux projet pour mom haiti cheri...

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that's great, excelent.

nouveaux projet pour mom haiti cheri.

c'est vraiment comtempler.

Emmanuelfr2, April 3 2009, 12:19 PM

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Topic: New Airplane Boarding Gates In Haiti's Airport

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mwen byen kontan pou ti peyim nan, yo resi fe yon bagay positiv read more >
Jonas, 3-Apr-09 11:05 am
that's great,excelent. nouveaux projet pour mom haiti cheri. c'est vraiment comtempler. read more >
Emmanuelfr2, 3-Apr-09 12:19 pm
mon Dieu que c'est une bonne nouvelle!!! figure ou le youn gwo lapli ap tnbe pou oblije tan andedan avion ou byien pou la pare sindoming.dieu soit... read more >
Chantal Craan, 3-Apr-09 1:07 pm
Well, it is true that we do have in construction rampways but dont be so happy. If you dont fly American, you will still need to get down the... read more >
Raynald Delerme, 3-Apr-09 1:51 pm
tankyou for keep posting about wat is goin on in my country,for all your good information in your story. read more >
Guerline, 3-Apr-09 5:21 pm
Finallement projet sa ap resi fini sa fe deux ans depi moin te ale haiti moin te we gate sa yo te kampe nan airport la,grace avec delta airlines read more >
Wesna, 3-Apr-09 6:21 pm
Fok nou kontinye pran swen maman nou ki se Ayiti. Manman ou te met pov nou pa dwe kritike li pou sa. Pi bon bagay la se mete men ansam, gade kouman... read more >
Murphy Souverain, 3-Apr-09 6:22 pm
well it about time,to tell you the truth i am travel around the world,to me haiti was the waste airport,now it needed inside repaired,it very love i... read more >
Chris, 4-Apr-09 11:53 am
Upgrading with the new Airplane Boarding gates is a good thing but I will be nostagic of the old fashion way of landing at the airport, walking on... read more >
Etienne, 4-Apr-09 1:08 pm
his gonno be good when the pr read more >
Ti Chouchou, 7-Apr-09 11:25 am
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