All that information was great... these Haitian- American are...

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All that information was great...

these Haitian- American are great.

I Just can't wait for my turn

Llella, February 13 2009, 9:37 AM

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Topic: Haitian-American Doctor David J. Malbranche, You've Seen Him On CNN

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Hello, Doctor Malbranche, I am so glad to see that you were the first one to comment about your son's article. I am not the one who deserve the... read more >
Woodring Saint Preux, 12-Feb-09 2:09 pm
Hello mister Saint-Preux. For the first time. I am replying to your Emails. Just want to say to you how much. I appreciate those Emails,I think you... read more >
Roosevelt, 12-Feb-09 6:49 pm
Congratulation, you make me proud. do you reminber Antoine August? read more >
Jocelyne, 12-Feb-09 7:12 pm
Dr.,General Malbranche, I am very fortunate to read about you,your roots,and your family more specifically your proud son who carry your medical... read more >
Jean-marie, 12-Feb-09 9:01 pm
Hello Dr Malebranche how are you sir? My name is Brisma Duchatelier, and i'm also an haitian born and raise in Haiti until i reached 25 years old. I... read more >
Brisma Duchatelier, 13-Feb-09 8:11 am
All that information was great... these Haitian- American are great.I Just can't wait for my turn......... read more >
Llella, 13-Feb-09 9:37 am
Congratulations, both of you! Keep up the good name and reputation! read more >
Tati, 13-Feb-09 5:21 pm
It is very pleasing to read about a Haitian-American doing so well. As a mother of two daughters, those are the role models that I want my children... read more >
Murielle, 17-Feb-09 10:02 am
I am really proud of Dr.Mallebranche's accomplishments.The haitian community should show his picture to their children in order for them to know... read more >
Rodlam Sans Malice, 8-Mar-09 10:02 am
Good Morning Woodring, am I late. This is so wonderful. However, I would like to have the e-mail address of Dr. Malbranche. I am a Medical Educator... read more >
C. Lamour, 30-Mar-09 11:49 am
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