Charlot Charlemangne: El problema de Hait

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Charlot Charlemangne:

El problema de Hait

Solitario Rodriguez, February 10 2009, 11:36 AM

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Topic: Like Obama, Stand Up For Change in Haiti

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Do not discourage, the time is now. Today, it is a need and precondition to the virtual and real liberation of our Fatherland. We should not give up... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 1-Feb-09 7:25 pm
Porque un grupo de Haitianos solucione estatus migratorio en USA, no soluciona el problema de la poblacion Haitiana en haiti. La solucion es que... read more >
Solitario Rodriguez, 1-Feb-09 8:11 pm
I am appreciated your concern, but Cuba(communist by choice) is not Haiti, and it will never be. Change people are talking about, I wonder if they... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 2-Feb-09 3:01 pm
It is the truth. You have to keep, in mind the same haitian that was in haiti. That would not be caught dead with each other are married with each... read more >
Nunu, 2-Feb-09 7:59 pm
I understand your frustration, dear. But, Never said never. read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 6-Feb-09 9:15 am
Charlot Charlemangne: El problema de Hait read more >
Solitario Rodriguez, 10-Feb-09 11:36 am
Instead of Communism, Would you like to have Neoliberalism? Si,Comprende que los problemos de Haiti y Cuba son que los cambios tienen que del... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 10-Feb-09 7:15 pm
. Obama is the president of the United States of America. Like any of his predecessor, he is to protect the interest of the country by any mean... read more >
Jean Marcellus, 26-Mar-09 2:29 am
What you are saying have been not the case of us Haitians We are not all the same Neverteless! I would add to your comment what you saying in... read more >
Marie, 2-Jul-09 11:06 am
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