Survival of Haiti

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The time is now to come together as Konfrere.

We are Konfreres, Haitians, we are Konfreres and we need to come together.

No person or people become great having an easy time. Nothing remains in the path of a man who is resolved or determined to succeed.

Only the strongest of the strong, the more Fidel of the Fidel, the more docile of the docile since 1990 made it in Haiti, different of 1957 the most able. No wonder the scriptures teach that the running of the race is not to the swift, but to that one who can endure to the end. If we want to survive, dear Haitians Konfreres, there is a way.
To survive means to outlast, to outlive, and to go beyond, that is what the real challenge represents.

It represents contest, it represents struggle.

To survive, know that we can survive.

It means to stress one's power to endure as in overcoming difficulty.

We know the enemy has plans, we should consider his deadly plans, his great might, but our confraternity would give us a weapon more powerful than anything else. With Konfraternité, we can come together anywhere.

There is nothing that we could not have if we wanted it. The Konfraternité of all Haitians would guarantee our survival.

To achieve survival, however, there are things that each of us must sacrifice.

There is no way to survive unless we come into a Konfraternité and there is no way to have Konfraternité unless we give up the things that keep us from having Konfraternité.

How can we talk about survival and engage in that which kills self?

Survival starts with you and me. Look to yourself.

Make the commitment for there is a job to do right now as a Haitian, as a Konfrere.

Our enemies cannot come against us except through the weakness of self. So if we make the effort to clean up and correct our internal weaknesses, then our enemies will have no door through which to come to weaken our efforts to survive.

If we want to survive, we must stop doing the things that contribute to our destruction.

If we want to survive, we must stop promoting banners or ideologies and denying the principles that support those banners or ideologies.

The greater our desire for survival, the greater should be our will to strengthen ourselves.

If we want to survive, we have got to give up stealing.

If we want to survive, we have to give up lying.

No matter how bad the situation seems, if we tell the truth, we shall begin building our character and when we build character, we create trust in each other, we build confidence in each other.

We must strive to make our word our bond that is a principle of survival.

Every leader, politician, preacher, priest, teacher, everybody must recognize that we must stop being hirelings, and start being good shepherds.

A hireling is one who does what he does for money.

We must challenge injustice wherever it is, but we have to be willing to make the sacrifice ourselves.

Haitians, your country Haiti needs you!

to be continued

Charlot Charlemagne, February 2 2009, 3:45 PM

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