Change we need in Haiti

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Many of us asking for something we do not understand, the change that happens in United States of America is from White to Black President at last no more no less. Very grateful, happy for Mr. Obama that is reward for hard work over the years.

Because America the greatest country, someone lives, but the policy is harsh and harmful for Underdevelopped Country like Haiti, While U.S wants to lead always by example.

(You see no discrimination).

But the system is the same (Imperialism) and no President will change it. That the reason our Country is in danger, The Neo-Liberalism (Imperialism): the policy of extending a nation's authority by the establishment of economic and political hegemonity over other nations.

Then, the time is now, a new relationship would have to be made, for we would no longer be slaves.The slave would have to think, act and take responsibility of free nation.

And that is the problem.

We say that we are free but we do not think and act like a free nation.

Since 1986, Haiti was moving towards two separate societies, the mass of production and elite of service.

Has anything really changed?

The answer is no, not nearly enough.

Haiti is torn by quiet riots, such as unemployment, poverty, crime and poor housing.

We need to develop a proper agenda, not just an agenda that serves a few persons politically who aspire to go here or there.

We must stop this vanity.

We must stop this self-seeking.

We must ache when our Konfrere in the ghetto aches, we must feel pain when people cry out for justice.

We must look after the needs of our Konfreres.

They compared Haiti in the principle of use to a donkey that is tied. Haiti is no longer useful to them (U.S.A. and France), to the slave master's children but the cord of ownership is still on her neck. We are coming to cut the cord that ties us to evil masters and telling that the country has need of us. The future is bright; it is going to be all right if we act in accord with the time.
The time is now for us to get out of a slave mode and get into the mode of a free man. It is time to come to birth in a new mentality and to put to death this old slave mentality.

The time is now to come together as Konfrere.

We are Konfreres, Haitians, we are Konfreres and we need to come together.

No person or people become great having an easy time. Nothing remains in the path of a man who is resolved or determined to succeed.

Only the strongest of the strong, the more Fidel of the Fidel, the more docile of the docile since 1990 made it in Haiti, different of 1957 the most able. No wonder the scriptures teach that the running of the race is not to the swift but to that one who can endure to the end. If we want to survive, dear Haitians Konfreres, there is a way.
To be continued (Imperialism in Haiti) What must be done.

Charlot Charlemagne, February 2 2009, 3:23 PM

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