I am very proud of her. But what the meaning of being a child...

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I am very proud of her. But what the meaning of being a child of Y, Z, if you can not give a helping hand to the mother (your mother).

Today, it is a need and precondition to the virtual and real liberation of our Fatherland.

We should not give up the family life; it is the base of our survival and our development.

It is true that the strategy of our oppressors consists in putting much pressure on us so that we drop our fight for freedom and independence.

It is certain that we must preserve the family element and not plunge in the abyss, because it is the weapon of excellence for our current fight.

It is the framework of our brilliant deeds as a base for our projects of scale.

Consequently, this concept must be conveyed and especially clarified for the popular masses.

It is the duty of any Haitian to understand the emotional load and the stakes of such a concept.

In spite of the pressure of the circumstances, we must have in mind that the devalorization of the Haitian Family can only bring the forfeiture of the Country.

Then, let us not delay with the out-of-date dreams, and adapt the institutions to the needs for the present.

Let us leave no stone unturned to protect and improve the Family in spite of Pharaohs' harmful action, which handicaps us rather than assisting us. In the name of the tradition of non-interference, nobody has the right to choose our destiny or dictate our management.

Let us liberate ourselves from the obstacles of underdevelopment.

Let us choose our own way, and above all keep this Confraternal virtue, which is the taste of moving forward.

Charlot Charlemagne, February 1 2009, 6:54 PM

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Topic: Evelyn Garcia, first Haitian-American member of the DNC

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