CNN's Roland Martin Is Haitian

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Topic: CNN's Roland Martin Is Haitian

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The problem is that haitians, need to fix Haiti.Stop trying to find someone to be representive of the haitian nation that is successful outside of... read more >
Nunu, 2-Feb-09 7:51 pm
That is wrong with you? read more >
Jean, 2-Feb-09 10:13 pm
WOW!!!!!! thank you woodring never know he was haitian. good job Woodring, may GOD bless you and your famille. read more >
Danielle, 2-Feb-09 10:14 pm
Hi Woodring, Thanks for the info. on Roland Martin and for all your e-mails--you're doing a great job of keeping our community in touch. read more >
Evelyn, 2-Feb-09 10:17 pm
I woud have never known but that is wonderful. He is a great political commentator on many issues going on within the country. I would like to know... read more >
Millz, 3-Feb-09 12:39 pm
Roland M how are you man,my nama is sima,i'm a haitian student in Dominican Republic and i'm wacthing you so close on cnn,so i'm very proud of you... read more >
Sima, 5-Feb-09 3:42 pm
Very Happy for you, Yes, we can through hard word. THE INAUGURATION of a US president committed to reversing "the failed policies of the past... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 6-Feb-09 9:11 am
Is there any problem been haitien? if Mr Roland Martin chose (refuse) to admit that he is Haitien that he's problem first free black nation in the... read more >
Jacques Thomas, 13-Feb-09 11:26 am
hey roland i been listen to you for longtime very smart intelligent man i didn;t know you carry haitian blood,i'm very happy to know that i feel... read more >
Pickson Hyacinthe, 14-Feb-09 10:23 pm
hi my brother,i`m pround of you may GOD BLESS YOU read more >
Oddy, 27-Mar-09 2:27 pm
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