Wyclef Jean on 60 Minutes

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Topic: Wyclef Jean on 60 Minutes

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I would like to thank Mr.Wyclef Jean for his work and committment to the children of Haiti. My church foreign mission would like to provide some aid... read more >
Marie Myrick, 13-Jan-09 5:30 pm
haiti needs a president with a big heart like wyclef read more >
Louis, 14-Jan-09 5:46 pm
Hi Wyclef you're doing a good job.If every Haitian thinks like that we will have new Haiti.This my dream to help my brothers and sisters in... read more >
Carmel Ricot, 22-Jan-09 12:41 pm
I love him for everything that he's doing for Haiti man. A good person only is worthy of a high position and can become the king of a nation. And... read more >
Ginoue, 23-Jan-09 10:35 am
I would vote for you, Clef. You are a true treasure. And, Haiti needs you! read more >
Dina Michel-wiggins, 29-Aug-09 11:30 pm
love ya wyclef you should run for presedent read more >
Louis, 29-Aug-09 11:51 pm


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