How will bigotry be erased

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A bigot is just a bigot where ever you go. In europe a bigot is a cast away but weekends they come out as predators and mingle in society.

My brother in law was beatten and left to die in Edinburgh, Scotland and he is a white man. A woman I worked with in Fife, Scotland was raped, beatten and also left to die. In London, the same. Here in the US, they do it with pride.

In Africa and Australia, it was just just a matter of norm.

Years ago these bigots were swept out of Europe and sent to countries like Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto-Rico Australia, Most Africa, the USA and south America etc. Everywhere they gone, the leave a trail of hate and deceits.

Bigotry is a desease and it should be treated as so.

As long a bigot remain free in a free society, there will be always rapes, killing and fals accusations.

Most killings and rapes in fact most crimes are commited by bigots but as the law has been on their side the got away with them just by blaming someone else. Their church aproved it and their judge executed it.
They are sick and they should be treated as so. Loving to hate is a just desease like David Duck, he is sick.

Now it is time for all of us, White, black, Yellow, Brown and red to start chacing them out. Send the in the cotton fields same as they did to others with pride.

Rather you are in the Caribean, USA, South America, Africa, Australia, Canada, Asia get them out because they are worthless deseased freaks.

You don't need them in your house nor your street.

Look at what they did in Germany and all through out Europe.

Look at what they've done to Africa, South America, USA and Australia etc. They speak about it with pride.

They wear they clown cloth and bands with pride as they walk down the street "The Untouchables"
With hate, they built an empire of profanity and deceits.

They took God's name in vain. They built alters with precious metals that they've robed from those who let them in. they forced the world to worship their images, their fals gods of stones, crystals and woods.

They made it as if God didn't exist.

Now God has spoken and the world starts to rejoyce, chains have broken and the empire of evil has come dowm.
Thanks to Obama, Senetor Hillary and bill Clinton, Senetor Kennedy, Gov. Richardson and many more. The world is free at last.

Many of them will come to you like missionaries just to inject their hate, guns, desease and confusion in you, reject them.
Once they are placed where they belonged the world will be at peace.

Garry Destin, November 6 2008, 4:41 PM

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Luner Staniclas, 6-Nov-08 11:48 am
A bigot is just a bigot where ever you go. In europe a bigot is a cast away but weekends they come out as predators and mingle in society. My... read more >
Garry Destin, 6-Nov-08 4:41 pm
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Boniface Zebo Correspt De Press Producer, 10-Nov-08 3:34 am
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Woodring Saint Preux, 15-Nov-08 1:28 am


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