Why YO will never die.

Nana - October 27 2008, 6:17 PM

The reason why YO is well and alive has to do with the mentality that went back many generations.

The Haitian culture is inundated with superstition and distrust.

Jealousy is even more rampant than a plague.

It's guaranty that's they'll hurt you if you're doing better than they do. And that's very sad. Even family members don't trust each other.

I compare Haitians to a fish name alpha.

This kind of fish can only get along with other fish but never its own. Haitians are like that. They'll trust a foreigner before they trust their own. In the past, I met many haitians who didn't want to deal with their own because they've been hurt by them. I don't see other cultures running away from each other.

I couldn't understand this kind of mentality before but now now I do.

There is a reason why Haitians don't want to deal with their own. Because whenever they do they are guaranteed to get hurt by that person because of jealousy and envy. I have been told by my mother and other family members not to befriend other haitians, but I went ahead and did it anyway because I wanted to get to know my culture like other cultures do. But, I wish I hadn't because a woman that I befriended a few years ago changed my life forever.

It was not the first time it happened to me except this time, this person went out of her way to really hurt me because she is so evil. Why should I continue to trust people who will hurt me?

I will never trust another one except my close family members.

I know there are good Haitians out-there.

I know I am a good one. But many Haitians are very jealous, envious, superstitious, spiteful and insecure.

Those are at the base of their behaviour.

I love your article and it's very inspiring.

But it won't work until Haitians change their ways. They need to have awareness and compassion.

Without compassion, a person is spiritually dead. The woman who hurt me has hurt many others I later found out because she's dead inside.

She's very religious and the most horrible person I have ever met in my life. Maybe, you guys need to send her this article.

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