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pourriez-vous afficher la photo de cette femme morte retrouvee vivante !

Chapante, September 3 2008, 9:27 PM

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Topic: Dead Haitian Woman Found Alive In Haiti 3 Months Later

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Well that shows if Haitians used what ever it is smartly enought how far Haiti would be. Idiots call it voodoo, smart people advance call it... read more >
Garry Destin, 3-Sep-08 7:43 pm
pourriez-vous afficher la photo de cette femme morte retrouvee vivante! read more >
Chapante, 3-Sep-08 9:27 pm
Of course I don't beleive in this, its either you are dead or you are not. To many haitians beleive in the spirit and need to find God! Stop... read more >
Ms. T, 4-Sep-08 6:43 am
ds tous les points la situation de mon pays cheri est critique.Que protege ma patrie et que tous les haitiens ensemble disons NON au mal,et oui a... read more >
Ben, 4-Sep-08 2:21 pm
sensational news to some but more common news to most Haitians who have heard of such cases. Is it time now to get serious medical research on this... read more >
Jean, 4-Sep-08 5:07 pm
As Haitian, i am not surprised because i know this has been happening since a long time. So, the only thing is i feel glad for her and her family... read more >
Gilbert, 4-Sep-08 11:12 pm
As a young haitian, i would say that i aint believe it, but, when i sit back think about so many things i've seen, have heard, i say yes : it can be... read more >
Widny Joseph, 5-Sep-08 1:10 pm
Hell on Eart I know that Haitians will never stop working with the Devil Voodoo in Haiti is the worst that we need to avoid read more >
Marie, 14-Sep-08 10:01 am
i i dont think she was ever dead of course, only in some sort of coma induced by the blowfish poison, im guessing thats how they did it. I have... read more >
Gregoire, 13-Oct-08 2:23 pm
you are the only one making sense here read more >
Shoo Shoo, 20-Dec-08 11:05 am
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