12 tribes United

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People these days need more than money and popularity; and what is going to happen is coming to these heathen nations.The Israelites of father creator in heaven need hope and a true vision on Earth is way beyond everyday life; and soon Christ will someday return for the nations of the Israelites sooner than we think.

The signs is around us every single day and some people fail to realize it because of ignorance and sin. Time is passing by so quick that it leaves us no time but to repent before Christ comes.

What are we all going to do?

Because materialism will be the least of our worries soon. What's coming is way more greater for Haiti for the dominicans, negroes, and for all the nations of the Israelites.

The kingdom is coming and what Caucasian people fear most is what will happen to them on judgment day. They fear us keeping the most high statutes laws and commandments because that is what bring Christ more faster at a set date to be here soon. It has never been a time so urgent that people been blind by the churches and ignorant to God's chosen special people.

But one day all will see the word of God is never a lie.

Yolanda Mcafee, October 5 2018, 10:11 PM

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