List of Haitian NBA Players

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Topic: List of Haitian NBA Players

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Kareem Abdul Jabarr was born in Haiti port au prince but changed it. I saw his NBA card has a kid it said port au prince!!!! read more >
Alsindor, 10-Aug-19 9:01 am
Mario Elie Houston rockets read more >
David, 3-Nov-19 8:42 pm
First of all, I did want to give such a big love to whom that made this analysis to pull out those awesome Haitian men name out there so we can... read more >
Leonord Metayer, 17-Mar-21 11:54 pm
If you are making a claim that Stephon Curry is of Haitian Descent. Please provide certified facts to support your claim. How many generations you... read more >
Akil, 22-Apr-21 11:40 am
You guys missed Mario Elie (super Mario) he was playing for Seattle super sonic wich comes the Oklahoma city now and I believe he was also born in... read more >
Djodore Trazil, 7-Aug-21 12:31 am
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