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James St Furcy's comment on "The happiest Haitian on the planet earth"
I am an older and gray man. I think its refreshing to read an article that
started on a positive note. Clearly credit must be given where credit is due.
You made a good point when you noted the news about Haiti is usually somber
Those news reports send a negatuve signal to the listeners.

However I take
exception when you minimize the hard work of those older people who probably
pay for your education, pay for your first computer, etc. There is no reason to
snap at older people for their views on Haiti.

Their negative views are not a
figment of their imagination.

Insecurity is real in Haiti and there are many complex
reasons for it. Haiti has reached rock bottom and the only way now is up. While
I congratulate Mr Andresol and president Preval for a good job, there is still a lot
to be done before the people in the Diaspora will have confidence in Haiti and
begin to invest in the country.Part of the problem the society is having today is
the lack of respect on the part of the folks.

The last thing we need is a
generation gap to further fragment the already splintered Haitian community.

We need to encourage each other rather than create artificial division between
the young and the old. We need every segment of our society to work together
for a better future for all.
Thank you for your time

James St Furcy, August 7 2007, 10:57 PM

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Topic: The Happiest Haitian On Planet Earth

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Lily, 7-Aug-07 8:36 pm
For me this article's going to make every people of this world in confiance on haiti,cause it talk the truth.in end that's my opinion. read more >
Ruben, 7-Aug-07 9:00 pm
Very nice one. I'm off to Haiti in 2 days and last time I was there was 12 years ago. My kids were born in New Zealand and I'm taking them home for... read more >
Maya Dorcil, 7-Aug-07 10:41 pm
James St Furcy's comment on "The happiest Haitian on the planet earth" I am an older and gray man. I think its refreshing to read an article that... read more >
James St Furcy, 7-Aug-07 10:57 pm
Haitian ki pi kontan sou planet la se mwen pou li ye kant mem!!! Pou ki sa? Paske mwen rete nan peyi'm map fe kob sou intenet! Pa ak cybe cafe non... read more >
Pavlov Sylvain, 7-Aug-07 11:48 pm
flo petty out of charlotte, north carolina. i'm very happy and proud of how far we come to be in the 21 st century. i agree with you guys and my... read more >
Flo Petty, 7-Aug-07 11:48 pm
My sentiments, exactly... I feel much better now "Old and gray man"...! J.R. read more >
J.r., 8-Aug-07 1:02 am
I appreciate your common sense. It reveals that you took the time to read and revise the contents of this writing. Those who think this is a... read more >
J.r., 8-Aug-07 1:37 am
Hi Wesna, I am trying to understand the above statement. Do you agree one hundred percent about the security issue or do you agree one hundred... read more >
J.r., 8-Aug-07 2:19 am
No doubt, it is a good article. My question is when will political affairs will no longer day to day activities in Haiti? Why every time we have... read more >
Capois, 8-Aug-07 3:35 am
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