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At last, We need other's with the same mindset to come out the woodworks.

Soleil, March 26 2007, 10:08 PM

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Topic: The Bassin Zim Water Fall Near Hinche, Haiti

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Hello how are you I think haiti is de best county but my Nation ever inderstood where we comfrom,the haitian people forget the story example aristid... read more >
Herold Cophy, 26-Mar-07 10:53 am
These pictures speak for themselves and the suggestions are excellent. However the tone of the message, added with our custure of "chitan tann" may... read more >
K Prophete, 26-Mar-07 5:02 pm
One river on the north side of the country and a Water fall on the south part of the Island can for sure Generate enough power for the entire... read more >
Georges Laguerre, 26-Mar-07 7:48 pm
At last, We need other's with the same mindset to come out the woodworks. read more >
Soleil, 26-Mar-07 10:08 pm
Fist of all, I appreciated youfor your precious time to bring those beautiful pictures on the web. I like your discipline.You know the difference... read more >
Uriode Orelien, 26-Mar-07 10:23 pm
You are right on the money, Mr St Preux. Robert Stone says, " We have to go back to to the things that use to make us strong",Tourism is the way... read more >
Ronl, 27-Mar-07 9:15 am
I think all Haitian should know about this national tresor that is wasting. read more >
Joe, 27-Mar-07 11:24 am
pou ki sa ou pa ale haiti,mande pou oue ak depatment ki concerne a,mouin koue ke lap pren you ti ten pou'l tende ou,tande bien mon fre se nou minm... read more >
Elizabeth Francois, 27-Mar-07 3:24 pm
Philomene, 28-Mar-07 7:40 am
I'am really happy to let me know at least we can put in value our water ressources. Bassim Zim has a capacity to desserve a great part of the... read more >
Jean Aubanel Joseph, 28-Mar-07 1:13 pm
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