I am one of the missionaries that has a caged truck, We are not in Haiti to offend people.

Eunice Tassone - June 14 2017, 10:01 PM

I am one of the missionaries that has a caged truck.

We bring mission teams to the mountains to work in our cooperative and since there are no roads we need the cage for safety purposes.

People can be thrown out of a truck on a mountain road if there is nothing to hang on to. Obviously some people living in the city have never been to their own mountain areas to see the dangers.

Our organization invests thousand of dollars in sustainable development in nine mountain villages.

In the past 30 years 3 of these 9 villages are sustaining themselves.

We certainly are not in Haiti to offend people.

An attitude adjustment is needed for the individual that thinks this way.

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This is a manifestation of pure white american...

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