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Jessica let me tell you something.

Fear is a barrier to your dreams.

If you are afraid to to take action, then actions will never be taken nor executed.

I am 34 with 3 kids. I left Haiti when i wa 11 yrs old but I always go back no matter what i heard.

Just over the summer I took my kids to Haiti.

Let it be known that they were borned here just like you and they are way younger than you(7,6,3).

They had the greatest time ever. Up till now they are always talking about it. They even remembered the "Mayigouins" bytes and so forth.

They are part in Haiti that you can go to without fear. I can suggest to you that if you visit Jacmel, you will have a great time and you can go to the other countrysides surrounding Jacmel<Bainet, Caye,etc)>.

Don't get me wrong now, they are a lot that is going on in Haiti but that shall not stop you from visiting.

Let me ask you this, "If" you were to die today would you regret going there?

Would not you like to go see your aunts and uncles, as well as your cousins and nieces and nephews?

I am pretty sure that you have spoken to a few or send money for them. On the other hand, it would be best for you to see their lifestyles then you would realize how much change you want make in their lives.

You sound like a very intelligent young lady, don't always believe what you heard nor read. Focus on your own adventure and exploration and there you will get your self-satisfaction.

God said fear no man...

When you go to Haiti, be yourself and don't act like you are better than the kid with bouda linette la(lol).

If you treat everybody the same, the whole country will love; I am speaking from experience.

My mom's family is from Bainet so I always told people that I am from Bainet althought i was borned in Port au Prince.

A few years ago, I bought a piece of land in Jacmel where I knew nobody.

Because of the way that I treat people with DIGNITY and RESPECT.

Jacmel is like my home land now, I feel secure when I go there.

Everyone is always looking forward to see me.
You are part of Haiti's future and you should not be scared to go home.
I hope that this long respond helped you a little and I am sure that Woody will help you with pics and advice about Haiti.

I knew Woody for over 4 years now and this is always his dream, to make a difference and to change the mentality of Haitians men and women in the world.

If you want to explore more, then you need to 'fouye' more.
Happy new year my sister.

Franty Cleophat, January 5 2007, 12:53 AM

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Jessica let me tell you something. Fear is a barrier to your dreams. If you are afraid to to take action, then actions will never be taken nor... read more >
Franty Cleophat, 5-Jan-07 12:53 am
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