As a white american who loves and goes back and forth to Haiti...

Cozy Michaels - July 8 2016, 3:10 PM

As a white american who loves and goes back and forth to Haiti I am very angry right now, me and a friend of mine wanted to open a restaurant and jazz club in Petion-ville It was my dream for many years.

We brought a large amount of money to Haiti and gave it to a very close friend of mine who was like family to me. He owns the property.

We waited for things to get done and i found out he ran off with our money never using it for the restaurant.

I recently went to Haiti to try and get it back as he used it for himself.

I cannot get it. they have a saying now in haiti to bring businesses there they say HAITI IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS it is not true HAITI IS CLOSED FOR BUSINESS they do not want to see any improvements.

They do not welcome you there anymore.

I do not have any trust in Haiti anymore.

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