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This isn't a comment, more a cry for help. I am doing a project about the United Nations and i got Haiti as my country.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with information.

I am having lots of trouble finding the Haitian governments position of the war on Iraq. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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I think if you want to know the position of the Haitian Government about the war in Iraq, you have to go back to Haiti and and conduct your... read more >
Topic, 12-May-03 7:56 am
Hi, What type of info are you looking for specifically relating to Haiti and the United Nations? I don't claim to be a connoiseur but I pretty much... read more >
Topic, 12-May-03 8:20 am
Be precise, brother.You need to narrow the subject.In other words, be specific.Because I am sure that I can help you out.And I will do it with... read more >
Topic, 12-May-03 5:28 pm
Why do you show so much concern about the war in Irak and not show concern of the ongoing crisis Haiti instead. the haitian government does not have... read more >
Topic, 12-May-03 11:58 pm
Haiti occupies the western 1/3 of the Island of Hispaniola and is the 1st black nation to gain its independence. They were the second to achieve... read more >
Topic, 13-May-03 9:27 am
I don't think the Haitian goverment will have time to thank about the war on iraq when we are representing the poorest country in the world. I think... read more >
Topic, 13-May-03 9:30 am
You can contact the Haitiam mission to the UN. Also keep in mind that Haiti is not part of the 15 members that voted. So I don't think it voted... read more >
Topic, 15-May-03 10:41 pm
Hello Lauren, Have you received the help you requested for your project yet? Anie read more >
Topic, 19-May-03 2:21 pm


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