Poetry Night at Le P tit Resto

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Andy says...

Yvette Israel Leroy AKA Waneges... au lieu de Suzette Morisseau Leroy. more »

Yanick Etienne says...

A wonderful and prosperous 2007 to all!! Thank you for all your email and your continued support. I spent the holidays in Miami with my family. A... more »

Wcazu says...

i live in the southwest part of florida, i would like to visit that restaurant (LE P'TIT RESTO IN NORTH MIAMI) every body is talking about. please... more »

Gail says...

I am an haitian from London and I was on vacation in Florida..A friend invited me to "the petit resto" that was fantastic...I enjoy being around... more »

Garry Emmanuel says...

Hi Everyone, Gail has made a good point and the guy that he/she pointed out Herold Pierre is an artist that I known back in Haiti during the student... more »