Look towards the Artibonite department. Either in "Saint-Marc...

Jean-frantz - April 2 2016, 5:33 PM

Look towards the Artibonite department.

Either in "Saint-Marc" or Gonaïves. They are both located in the middle of Haiti away from the fault lines.

Saint-Marc is most idle, because it is a coastal city and well guarded with Gonâve acting as its barrier island (hurricanes etc.).

It is also close enough to Ouest to not totally disrupt existing businesses (short drive) and equal distance to Gonâve, which may one day become a beacon for businesses (who knows?

Its size "is" comparable to Manhattan).

This move would also give need to reestablish a better national route because it would become imperative as driving from Saint-Marc to PAP would take forever without a good road system.

Jérémie and Les Cayes are way "too far" from everywhere else. What you will do is isolate the entire country worst than how it is today.

Jacmel would be disastrous, as an earthquake would hit as hard as it did in Ouest.

Even though it wasn't suggested, I wouldn't move it to Cap-Haïtien or Port-de-Paix (both formal colonial capitals) either for the same reason why I wouldn't move it to Sud (distance) and the cities could become too US-influenced.

This change will also be hopeful for Nord, Centre (nearby departments) to start to flourish from more nearby administration oversight.

Whoever said rebuild PAP to again become the capital, with its hefty population and earthquake friendly zone needs to seriously reevaluate their thoughts.

The country needs to decentralize and give more power to respective departments with budgets aligned to start rebuilding in each location.

I do agree that PAP must be rebuilt to the way it was, but not to become the new capital and the money should be invested to create the next one first.

Let PAP be the financial center; Cap-Haïtien, the historical cultural city; Jacmel the entertainment center of the Arts (movies, art etc), Les Cayes for lovely resorts, and Jérémie to continue to be the birthplace of many great poets.

God bless.

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