you should open a Pizza store. Lol

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you should open a Pizza store.


Franck, March 1 2016, 5:01 PM

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Topic: Haiti - ALL These Tomatoes for 75 Gourdes, about $1.25 US, Great Deal OR La Vie Cher?

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you should open a Pizza store. Lol read more >
Franck, 1-Mar-16 5:01 pm
1-Most of the farmers have left the country sides to live in town where the espace is not enough to grow agriculture products and raise animals... read more >
Sedec Andreus, 1-Mar-16 5:11 pm
Jah love. That is GREAT!!! but I feel really sad for the farmers of Ayiti who work so hard and earn so little. I want organic tomatoes grown in... read more >
Marie Nadine Pierre, 1-Mar-16 5:54 pm
Aaaaaaaaaa! Pandan wap mande si tout tomate sa yo che oswa pa che ti machan yo al achete yo jis Seng Domeng pou yal chita nan pousye, labou kwabosal... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 1-Mar-16 9:21 pm


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