Here are the Dominican Republic's measured responses so far...

Ricart - September 17 2015, 10:44 AM

Here are the Dominican Republic's measured responses so far:

1. The Dominican government recalled the Haitian ambassador for consultation.

2. The Dominican government stated that it reserves the right to adopt diplomatic measures in response to those announced by the Haitians.

3. The Dominican government also announced that the Haitian measures make it more difficult to reactivate dialogue and bilateral cooperation.

Other retaliatory measures the Dominican Republic could take against Haiti are:

* The prohibition of Dominican currency remittances to Haiti (Haitians send about 750 to 900 million dollars annually to their country), or charge 25% tax.

* Strictly implement the labor law that prevents more than 20% of foreign workers in Dominican's companies, with emphasis on the tourism sector, construction, etc.

* Apply a tariff to use Dominican ports for the landing of goods imported by Haiti from other countries.

* Charge a tax/fee/fine to the Republic of Haiti for each illegal Haitian found in Dominican territory.

With an economy that is 7 times smaller than that of neighboring Dominican Republic, Haiti cannot negotiate from a position of power, and Haitians would be in a disadvantageous position in a commercial war with its eastern neighbors.

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