Mpè anpil pou pwoblèm sa pa dejenere, mpa trankil...

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mpè anpil pou pwoblèm sa pa dejenere, mpa trankil menm

Sherlie, June 19 2015, 5:06 PM

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Topic: 7 Dominicans in Champs-de-Mars Haiti begging for peace

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se vre sa fe dlo sot nan ziem read more >
Chell0, 4-Apr-14 12:10 pm
it's bad read more >
Victor, 18-Jun-15 7:48 pm
So from all of those Dominican PEOPLE living in Haiti, why only 7 of them come out.What those 7 PEOPLE going to do to Stop what's going on in... read more >
Ajhanou, 18-Jun-15 9:13 pm
What happen 7 dominicans read more >
James, 19-Jun-15 2:26 am
Shows that not all Dominicans are racist against a group of people who was there for them in the beginning which allows them to have a country to... read more >
Beahanca, 19-Jun-15 10:39 am
mpe anpil pou pwoblem sa pa dejenere,mpa trankil menm read more >
Sherlie, 19-Jun-15 5:06 pm
These two nations are condamned to live together so anytime a group or any organisation is working for a peaceful solution we should appreciate it... read more >
Michel Bonnet, 20-Jun-15 9:32 am
I like that initiative and after all we both nation need peace. We are brothers it's a biblical proof that Haitiens and Dominicans are lost tribes... read more >
Dolin, 20-Jun-15 12:54 pm
Greetings for all the dominican people. As youth haitian,i think that we need to do something very serious for our land future. We are human,we need... read more >
John Dorly, 22-Jun-15 8:44 pm
Let us welcome and embrace their gestures of love and brotherhood and respond with kindness and understanding. We are 2 nations only by historical... read more >
Logan Daniels, 23-Dec-18 12:46 am
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