"will unquestionably be left with no rights, i.e., become...

Ricart - June 17 2015, 10:45 PM

"will unquestionably be left with no rights, i.e., become stateless"

Let see what the constitution of the Republic of Haiti, 1987, has to say about that:

ARTICLE 11: Any person born of a Haitian father or Haitian mother who are themselves native-born Haitians and have never renounced their nationality possesses Haitian nationality at the time of birth.

ARTICLE 13: Haitian nationality is lost by "Naturalization in a foreign country".

The people that the DR is threatening to deport never became naturalized citizens of Dominican Republic and are considered Haitians under Haiti's constitution (irrespective of whether they were born in DR or not).

Furthermore, the Dominican constitution since 1929 is clear, to be a citizen your parents have to be Dominicans or LEGAL RESIDENTS.

Haiti should stop dumping its impoverished citizens on neighboring Dominican once and for all.

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