Oh my God why? RRIP for them!!!

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Oh my God why?

RRIP for them!!!

Mikelson Roche, August 25 2014, 9:53 PM

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Topic: Five Haitian Family members die in Car Crash in Long Island NY Sunday

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I'm really really sorry for this family oh my god,i sent my my pray for this family may god bless all family and friends. read more >
Guerdacolon, 25-Aug-14 9:47 am
May they all rest in peace and the weight of the earth not lay too heavily on them. read more >
Bonito, 25-Aug-14 8:59 pm
Oh my God why? RRIP for them!!! read more >
Mikelson Roche, 25-Aug-14 9:53 pm
That is very hard to believe.Rest and peace! Also I share my deep condolence to the family member. read more >
Oxceva, 7-Sep-14 4:52 pm


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