If You Have To Copy, Copy Success

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Topic: If You Have To Copy, Copy Success

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I believe firmly in emulation Everybody needs a mentor to maintaining success read more >
Topic, 20-Jan-05 2:38 pm
Woody, I just want to let you know that you have spoken for me, and I am sure you have spoken for many others as well. I believe in your 'spirit' of... read more >
Topic, 20-Jan-05 3:26 pm
Hello, My name is Herve Desir, but people call me marco. After reading your message, I was very happy because I realized that there is still a... read more >
Topic, 20-Jan-05 3:38 pm
Hello, I appreciated the article, for the most I agreed with the content. I just wanted to add that in the Haitian community folks have a habit of... read more >
Topic, 20-Jan-05 3:56 pm
I think that was a great and very true piece that you wrote. I also feel that one can be become wealthy within the Hatian community via networking... read more >
Topic, 20-Jan-05 5:31 pm
First and foremost I would like to thank you such an inspirational article. As today's youth we see many struggles around us and advancing sometimes... read more >
Topic, 20-Jan-05 6:56 pm
Your philosophy & your real experiences bring us strentgh and lots of inspirations to accept who we are and to not taking ourself for somebodyelse... read more >
Topic, 20-Jan-05 8:19 pm
You are great but remember one thing, our people have to learn first about spending. Spending is investing speacially in one's community. For... read more >
Topic, 21-Jan-05 12:39 am


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