Great talk and good thinking

You are great but remember one thing, our people have to learn first about spending.

Spending is investing speacially in one's community.

For instence in Haiti one wants to sell but will not want to buy nor give back. They don't even want to pay for basic electricity or water.

instead, they will get it from next door
I have a friend who is a great shef and want to open a cafe here in florida but he is scared that Haitian will not want to pay $4 dollars for a cup of coffee for where he will have magazines and new papers to read in a weekend.

Please teach them how to invest.

Remember after the september 11th, The one thing the President Bush told the Americans "Go shopping" Which meant go invest in the country in order to keep our economy strong.

I am working towards having a handbag/shoe and accessories company.

to do that, I have to work at my job during the day at home the night doing home furnishings.

I have delt with five Haitians.

only one didn't complain and paid me. the others kept my money after the got their products.

Like you said a dream is only a dream until one makes it work. I have been trying since 1988. In Scotland I got close
but it was too expensive.

In New York many times but I couldn't find a permanent job
to keep things flowing.

Recently I closed out my first business (Home Furnishings and Upholtery) because my partner was lazy and wanted to get half.
What I want to say is I want to be successful one day or an other because I have to many skills wasting.

Footwear, handbags, belt, millinery, men's wear, women's wear, sculture, artist paiting, upholstery, home furnishings and carpentry etc.
these are all the skills I have amd much more wasting

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