If You Have To Copy, Copy Success

Everyone wants to be original in this world.

That's a very good thing; you should always try your best to be original and unique.


To re-create something that has already been created is called "re-inventing the wheel". That's what they call it and it is a waste of time.

The founder of the hot dog restaurant chain "Nathan's Famous", Nathan Handwerker, came to America at the age or 20.

Just like some of us, he got a job as a dishwasher.

Side note >> as I write this, I thought I should let you know that my first job in America... I was a dishwasher in Maxi City, a small Jewish restaurant in New City, NY.

How did Nathan go from being a dishwasher to becoming the hot dog Mogul?

The first thing you should know is Nathan did not invent the hot dog. The hot dog was invented by his boss, Mr. Charles Feltman, back in 1874. Nathan happened to be the one who made the "Hot Dog" Famous!

There are good ideas all around you, great ideas that can make you rich beyond you wildest dreams but you do not see them.

You do not see them because you are not looking for them.


you're so busy trying to be original when all you have to do is add salt, pepper, and ketchup to something that has already been created.

I personally believe that I can become a very rich man if I can only network all the Haitian communities all over the world.

I think it's a problem that needs to be fixed, so, I quit my job, and I will die trying.

There are many people in the Haitian community that are sitting on great ideas. Actors, singers, talented artists are dying poor because there is a lack of great men and women with great vision in our community who take the time to "SEE" these things and turn them into million dollar ideas.

When I moved to Florida, I bumped into a restaurant chain called Pollo Tropical, a Rice-and-beans-and-chicken fast food restaurant.

Haitian food tastes much better than that. We are the king of rice and beans yet others market rice and beans better then us.

The answer is "YES" you can turn rice and beans into a fast food restaurant chain.

Most the time, the inventor or the talented person is terrible at marketing his own invention.

You cannot be a great marketer if you are content just to make enough to buy a nice house and a nice car.

The "Citadelle" was not built by a man who wanted a nice house, it was built by a man who had vision, It was built to protect his invention, Black Freedom, that's why it still stands 200 years later.

If you really want to do great things, you have to "WANT" to live forever. Your body will die but your name and your invention will live forever.

There are great products right here in the Haitian Community waiting to be discovered by a great Haitian marketer, but we are all so busy trying to reinvent the wheel.

All this is happening because we are not a nation who believes in investing in other people.

Perhaps we should.

"10 Kòb sou goud", that's all I want.

People call me all the time asking me "Woody how come you are not selling CDs and DVDs online, with all the websites you have, you would make a lot of money".

I am not in the business of selling CDs, I am in the business of telling you that CD or DVD is out there and where you can get your copy.

That's all I want to do right now and I want to do it well.

Be careful who and what you copy. If noone comes to you and tell you "Man you're crasy", you are not aiming high enough.

One more thing...

If you want to move our of your neighborhood, DO NOT copy your next door neighbor, if he knew how to get out, he would not be you next door neighbor.

In other words,

If you have to copy, copy the best, COPY SUCCESS!

Article © 2005 by woodring Saint Preux

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Topic says...

You are great but remember one thing, our people have to learn first about spending.

Spending is investing speacially in one's community.

For instence in Haiti one wants to sell but will not want to buy nor give back. They don't even want to pay for basic electricity or water.

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Topic says...

Your philosophy & your real experiences bring us strentgh
and lots of inspirations to accept who we are and to not taking ourself for somebodyelse or for granted.

i can resumed your words in two words:"Staying

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Topic says...

First and foremost I would like to thank you such an inspirational article.

As today's youth we see many struggles around us and advancing sometimes seems impossible because of all the obsticles we have to overcome.

It's not about how big your house is or what kind of car you drive it's about trying to help those who are less fourtanate.

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Topic says...

I think that was a great and very true piece that you wrote.

I also feel that one can be become wealthy within the Hatian community via networking.

The Jewish have done it for centuries, latins etc. Why can't we. What are some of your

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Topic says...

Hello, I appreciated the article, for the most I agreed with the content.

I just wanted to add that in the Haitian community folks have a habit of sticking to "only" what is familiar and so reluctant to try and or trust new things...

I believe that as a people we often make our own limitations, we sometimes blame our lack of on the fact that someone else took "our" idea or that we simply do not have the $$ backing to make things happen as we would like. "Remember dreams are free"

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Topic says...


My name is Herve Desir, but people call me marco.

After reading your message, I was very happy because I realized that there is still a little hope for my country, our country of to go up the course.

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Topic says...

Woody, I just want to let you know that you have spoken for me, and I am sure you have spoken for many others as well. I believe in your 'spirit' of achievement.

Remember: there are Haitian geniuses out there in all possible fields that you could imagine.

The spirit of entrepreneurship lives inside of more Haitians that you could imagine! Let's spread the words, and also let's look for them!

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Topic says...

I believe firmly in emulation
Everybody needs a mentor to maintaining

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