Haiti simply hate leftover, yes, how many people who have a...

Patrick Princivil - July 3 2014, 1:34 PM

Haiti simply hate leftover,

yes, how many people who have a fridge in Haiti?

How many people who have electricity 24 hours a day in Haiti?

how many people who connect their welding's machine on them to destroy people's refrigerator, TV, freezer and cell phone etc. How many people of Haiti who have restaurant and gave leftover refrigerated food to the poor?.

One day I was in Haiti, someone mocked me and said to me I ate dead chicken in Canada.

1.) A lot of them are jealous because they can't even find the chicken's shit to eat.
2.) their fridges can't work 24 hours that's why they can't have leftover.

3.) they hate leftover why they ate stinky chickens, pigs etc. on the streets of Haïti?

Some meats are more than 10 days old on the streets why they eat it?

The meats are already stink from buying it from Dominican Republic plus many months they can't sell it, Haitian's people buys it and eat it. Pa ban-m tintin kinbé;

UN troupe and Munistah call the Haitian coco-rate in 1996 when they saw the Haitian's people in the garbage's bin pickup leftover in the garbage in Haïti to eat. Pa kité-m palé plis.

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