Thanksgiving Haitian Style!

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Topic: Thanksgiving Haitian Style!

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thanks for the funny thanksgiving article. it really cheered me up today. read more >
Topic, 27-Nov-03 11:43 pm
that was an amazing article.. you really point out what thanksgiving should be like. read more >
Chris, 22-Nov-07 12:07 pm
Very funny...I can truly relate. read more >
Ticar, 28-Jan-08 12:18 am
I like the joke but we gotta stop being PC about how this "tradition" happened. The Natives of this land still hate this day and I don't blame them... read more >
Melinda, 23-Nov-17 9:26 am
Thanks Woodring. You still can celebrate it at home today too since you have been living in the States. read more >
Yanick Florus, 23-Nov-17 9:42 am


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