Bel Haiti - A Futuristic Map Of Haiti

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Topic: Bel Haiti - A Futuristic Map Of Haiti

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Good work. But I envisioned a map with more coastal roads. For two reasons: - First, All the important cities are along the coast. - Second, the... read more >
Topic, 24-Jun-03 11:15 pm
Please don't laugh at what I am about to tell you... Actually you can laugh because it's funny... I only know two (2) places in haiti: Hinche where... read more >
Topic, 25-Jun-03 12:39 am
That is great vision my brother. Perhaps you could put a little more time to make the major city connection right. I know you must be from the NY... read more >
Topic, 26-Jun-03 4:13 pm
Woodring! i have to congratulates, not player hating, it takes balls to do what you did. don't we all wish. this was funny... one thing, i dumped a... read more >
Topic, 1-Jul-03 4:31 pm
Hi Woodring, I am writing this note so you can have my e-mail address. I have been reading yor newsletter for a while. I could not resist commenting... read more >
Topic, 1-Jul-03 4:54 pm
If you were in Miami, I would get you the hook up to get a little time on our HTN (a 24 hour recently opened Haitian channel) to better express... read more >
Topic, 11-Jul-03 3:17 pm
This is such a beautiful map, I wish I had the power to start one of these highways. So simple yet no one does nothing... If Haiti had good roads... read more >
Topic, 4-Dec-03 1:27 am
Love your site..... read more >
Topic, 19-Nov-04 5:17 pm
thank you, you should visit all of them. read more >
Topic, 22-Nov-04 1:35 am
if everyone love each other.and some conflic coud change,because it haitian conflic it not like other people conflic they could find a way to change... read more >
Topic, 22-Nov-04 9:37 pm


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