Plaine du da house!

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Plaine du Nord. da house!

Robert, May 13 2014, 9:40 AM

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Topic: Bermane Stiverne becomes First Haitian-born World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

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That's wassup. Keep it up!! read more >
Jeanmitt, 12-May-14 12:44 pm
Out of all the bad news that came out of Haiti, I am happy to see something positive. It's strange to see stars born in Haiti shine in other... read more >
Achille, 12-May-14 1:53 pm
us. Haitian we are not small we are so big but some people refuse to accept the fact that we are bermane stiverne is one of them pretty we will see... read more >
Eddy Joseph, 12-May-14 3:58 pm
Haiti chage ak talan min pagin moun n pou devloper yo sport mepwize na lekol pagin moun pou supote jeuness la si jenes la te gin supo patap gin kod... read more >
Jay, 12-May-14 4:21 pm
Congratulations to Bermane Stiverne, we are very proud of him and we wish him the best. read more >
Marie Ange Salomon, 12-May-14 7:49 pm
Plaine du da house! read more >
Robert, 13-May-14 9:40 am
Haitian can do it they smart they can do better than the things I want to say congratulations to stiverne read more >
Jocelyne, 13-May-14 11:29 am


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