atBerard Morel You made a reference to the killings of Haitians...

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@Berard Morel

You made a reference to the killings of Haitians by dictator Rafael L. Trujillo.

You conveniently omitted the fact that the same dictator killed thousands of Dominicans nationals in order to perpetuate himself in power.

Trujillo was a murderous thugs that would kill anyone.

I know two wrongs do not make a right, but Haitians invaded the recently independent Dominican state which gained it independence from Spain on Dec 1st 1821. That started the exile of thousand of white Dominicans who were being abused because of their color, there was rape, murder, and taking the land of any Dominican by force by Haitian soldiers, Even the Spanish language was prohibited, in other words, the Haitians tried to erase the Dominicans from the island.

Don't you think Haitians you should apologize for that?

With respect to your allegation that the Dominican Republic was complicit in ruining Haiti's economy, you are wrong! Do not blame Dominicans for your shortcomings.

You are the one that kicked out the only people that knew how to run a country (white Frenchmen).

As a result, you went from being a rich French colony to a failed state.

Afterward, France forced Haiti to pay an indemnification for the loss of their slaves and colony.

Once again, don't blame the Dominican Republic for your misery: Blame yourself and France.

Ricart, March 13 2014, 3:22 PM

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Berard Morel, 13-Mar-14 3:01 pm
@Berard Morel You made a reference to the killings of Haitians by dictator Rafael L. Trujillo. You conveniently omitted the fact that the same... read more >
Ricart, 13-Mar-14 3:22 pm
why it got Haitians verses Dominicans..... what about united?... its not fair to say that cause a lot of other naion re living in Haiti right now..... read more >
Haitian For Life, 13-Mar-14 3:40 pm
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Djdj, 13-Mar-14 6:33 pm
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Ricart, 13-Mar-14 7:07 pm
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Harry, 13-Mar-14 11:23 pm
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Unknown, 13-Mar-14 11:28 pm
That's not fair,revenche doesn't work at all.Love those who hate you because of the color of your skin,those who hate you they are blacks also,but... read more >
Jyb, 14-Mar-14 1:36 am
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