Turks And Caicos To Use Drone To Fight Haitian Illegal Immigration

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Turks And Caicos, an associate in CARICOM, is planning to use drones to fight Haitian illegal immigration.


Isn't that somewhat of an overkill?

Let see if Turks And Caicos will be subjected to the same scrutiny and defamation campaign the Dominican Republic has been subjected to.

"The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) are having a problem with the migration of Haitians entering their country.

To curb and decrease the numbers of Haitian immigrants, TCI Premier Rufus Ewing announced to the news media TCI wants to begin a drone program.

They will be partnering with both Britain and Bahamian governments to achieve their objective.

Premier Rufus set forth the steps their government will implement in 2014, to increase TCI's border control and manage the immigration problem.

TCI's approach is two-fold: ramping up its reconnaissance and monitoring coastal borders as well as constant flyovers of border areas.

TCI possesses only one police plane for surveillance, but it is grounded, needing radar and cameras on board.

To operate the drone program, TCI is inviting proposals from private investors for operating the drone program and looking to the British government for help in obtaining the drones.

TCI also wants the Bahamian government to help fund the project, because three or four flyovers each day on a continuous basis is a very expensive endeavor.

The Bahamas are also attracting Haitian immigrants, and would benefit from the partnership, since the Bahamas are on the identical route Haitian migrants use to get to the TCI.

TCI has been incurring costs of detaining and repatriating Haitian trespassers.

The country has some radar instruments at its disposal, experiencing enormous success at identifying and capturing vessels that has decreased un-noticed landings."

Ricart, March 13 2014, 2:27 PM

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