Don't say papa Dessalines, our father is God in heaven, Dessalines is dead...

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Don't say papa Dessalines, our father is God in heaven, Dessalines is dead without knowledge even-thou he was alive I would not call him papa, all glory is for God in heaven, because of the stupidity of the Haitian's people, at anytime God will put them into the Dominican republic to be occupied by them it will be a deception, a country who was occupied by us will occupy Haiti, I am Haitian but I am wondering where that nation come from?

I am not disappointed about serving God, but I am very disappointed about Haiti, I don't see any change for Haiti, you have to understand that, God used Dessalines to do the job by compassion, why they could not kill Moses like that?

Cut the head and burn houses: I like that, la France had to feel it, they threat them like that to make sure they would not comeback again, if the Haitian's people had a brand like everybody, they would no be occupied by US government (1815-1834) after a chock like that they should be stronger than before, US government should occupied by us.

Diasporas! I know you want to comeback home, but support President Martelly, two things I want for Haiti: I would like to see all the diasporas gather together to push President Martelly in his back to kick all the senators out of the parliament of Haiti and never bring coco-rate inside the parliament anymore.

I want you to understand that in the election of Haiti in 2010 at port au Prince, they ask the Haitian's government to have a machine to count the votes, they said no they don't want that, because they like corruption, what happen later?

Réné Préval used these senators with black glaces in their eyes to fill these boxes for Jude Celestin,( ti malheureux pieds sal yo pat min'm gin chance pou yo voté), how they expect the poor to respect them?

how come the same senators are in this parliament?

where they found that stinky politic?

Rene Preval left his corrupt government in the parliament no law to kick them out, it make sense! I think President Martelly should have power to kick them out one by one and replace them by qualified' s people, that's why the same shit sit inside the parliament to create war with President Martelly.

I want you to understand that if lavalas was good for the nation like that why US government took him at his house and trow him away like garbage in Africa, this mean Lavals and Unité should not be even closer to President Martelly, forget about Dessaline white-now we don't deal with dead.

The last step President Martelly should establish a law against this kind of manifestation of burning tires on the street and ask president to live without any reason, if the Haitian's police can not do the job why President Martelly use them?

President Martelly and Lamorthe paid heavy money to UN's troop, President Martelly should have full power to use them to punish to death whoever burn tires on the street etc we can not let (coco-rate pieds sal), destroy the country like that.

Patrick Princivil, November 25 2013, 4:53 PM

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Don't say papa Dessalines, our father is God in heaven, Dessalines is dead without knowledge even-thou he was alive I would not call him papa, all... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 25-Nov-13 4:53 pm
I don't think Petion kill Dessalines, remember Dessalines got kill in Port-au-prince read more >
John, 25-Nov-13 8:20 pm
All glory to God? You mean the same God that they used to justify slavery? Try reading a book that doesn't say edited by king James. read more >
Tonton Michel, 25-Nov-13 9:21 pm
"KOUPE TET BOULE KAY" is not the way to go because when houses are burned down, it's a step backwards. Dessalines still deserves credit for his... read more >
Pablo, 25-Nov-13 9:52 pm
"a country who was occupied by us will occupy Haiti" Imagine if the Dominican Republican was still occupied by Haiti... the entire island would be a... read more >
Ricart, 26-Nov-13 1:38 am
Dessalines was a despot in the mold of Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier. To this day, Haiti is paying a price for Dessalines' detrimental policies... read more >
Ricart, 26-Nov-13 5:24 am
Lest's not misunderstand The appellation "papa" does not mean Dessalines is regarded as a divinity. Since the dawn of humanity, our ancestors have... read more >
Patrick Gaspard, 26-Nov-13 3:34 pm
@Pratrick Princivil, God is above all. There is no question about that. But we, as a nation need to honor our ancestors. Until we do, we will not... read more >
Ana Dayiti, 27-Nov-13 12:31 pm
What is this? Is this history or spinstory read more >
Hals, 29-Nov-13 4:17 pm
It is history, but you don't have to take my word for it. Do your own research to prove or disprove each and every points I made about Jean-Jacques... read more >
Ricart, 1-Dec-13 10:02 pm
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