Enfin, apré 1000 pataswèl yo konprann biznis pa...

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Enfin, apré 1000 pataswèl yo konprann biznis pa fèt nimpot ki jan. Mwen ta swété Mizisyen ki siyen kontra sa yo té guen ZABELBOK pa yo pou yo pa siyen ankenn antrav pou tèt yo tankou: Mwen sé mizisyen TVice avi pou 2 gouden pa sémenn

Carl, November 19 2013, 12:52 PM

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Topic: Attention Haitian Musicians: Did you know about this new T-VICE Rule?

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I think it is a great idea!! Bringing a contract into this situation and making it official will enforce accountability and responsibility to the... read more >
Lily, 24-Oct-13 10:32 am
Mesene yo ya sispann kraze jazz moun. Mwen ta swete tout lot group yo fe menm bagay la. read more >
Douglas Vital Jean, 24-Oct-13 10:33 am
I agree it's getting frustrated, u know those I don't who they think they are u make the effort to put a band together next think u this one diside... read more >
Jean Louissaint, 24-Oct-13 10:50 am
Well it's very simple... If these musicians did sign contracts in the presence of lawyers stating that they will be held liable if they should leave... read more >
Erin, 24-Oct-13 12:56 pm
That's music to my ears, because if that rule was in effect Nu Look would still be together. Love it read more >
Caribe Antoine, 24-Oct-13 6:47 pm
Se yon bon bagay si Aysyen tap respekte la lwa. T Vice pap janm gen mizisyen anko. read more >
Alez, 24-Oct-13 7:31 pm
We will never grow, they think that they can form another group Just like they are deadly wrong. T-vice will be ok. read more >
Lucia, 24-Oct-13 11:58 pm
Enfin, apre 1000 pataswel yo konprann biznis pa fet nimpot ki jan. Mwen ta swete Mizisyen ki siyen kontra sa yo te guen ZABELBOK pa yo pou yo pa... read more >
Carl, 19-Nov-13 12:52 pm
Make them signed the contract next time they will think twice. read more >
Berquine D, 30-Jul-14 4:20 pm
200% agree.T-VICE for ever read more >
Louna, 30-Jul-14 9:37 pm
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