Attention Haitian Musicians: Did you know about this new T-VICE Rule?

To all the unstable Haitians musicians out there... T-Vice has just pulled the brakes on musicians leaving unexpectedly... From this moment forward, if you think you can just leave T-Vice and go to another band, or form your own band just like that, THINK AGAIN... T-Vice is setting a new example, they say, in the Haitian music industry (HMI)...

What is this new rule you ask? Well... Keep reading...

Haitian music groups/bands are a bit unstable, musicians come and go as they please.

Recently, in less than one month, 4 musicians left T-Vice. Two of them, Gerald Kébreau, bassist and Ricot Amazan aka Ti Tanbou left for personal reasons and two others, Eddy Viau (Ti Eddy), the gongiste and Sonson, the drummer, were dismissed for various reasons.

This is not uncommon in the Haitian music industry... BUT at the same time... Se nan moman saa tou ou toujou tande ke "DJAZZ la KRAZE..."

Se tout lajounen djazz Haitian ap kraze, rebati, nan HMI la...

This is probably why Reynaldo Martino, speaks of conspiracy in a recent interview to Ticket Magazine.

To reassure the fans that T-Vice is here to stay, AND STABLE, the Maestro Reynaldo Martino announced provisions to strengthen the group and give an example in the HMI.

Contracts were signed with new musicians in the presence of lawyers to prevent them from leaving the band without warning. Otherwise, they will be obliged to compensate the group.

Sa vle di: Si ou just leve ou kite T-Vice, fok ou DEDOMAJE djaz la!

What do you thank that?

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Tigeorges says...

I say yes it is a great thing that Ti-vice is doing...

Also ti-vice should add to they contract once you leave T-vice the idea of forming your own band after is forbidden for 3

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Kat Eyes says...

Oui moin vraiment d'acord avec sa paske se you desorde sa ye, afe musician ap kite diaz tout tant, paske diaz sa bal plis kob, or li vle fe diaz pal, oui si gin contra signin yo ap obliger ret tan contra ou bien dedomager diaz la, yes sa tres

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Gifrants says...

Fè mizisyen an siyen kontra se yonn. Men kòman kontra sa siye se 2.

Gen mizisyen "for hire" e genyen mizisyen ki manm non yon band.

1) yon mizisyen for hire touche pou repetisyon e touche pou yon gig
2) yon miziysen pou yon bann genyen yon kontra ki dwe reminere li byen pa pa gig men pa revni band nan.

Ankò, pa fè mizisyen an siyen yon kontra kote se èksplwate y ap èkplwate li

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Louna says...

200% agree.T-VICE for

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Berquine D says...

Make them signed the contract next time they will think

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Carl says...

Enfin, apré 1000 pataswèl yo konprann biznis pa fèt nimpot ki jan. Mwen ta swété Mizisyen ki siyen kontra sa yo té guen ZABELBOK pa yo pou yo pa siyen ankenn antrav pou tèt yo tankou: Mwen sé mizisyen TVice avi pou 2 gouden pa

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Lucia says...

We will never grow, they think that they can form another group Just like they are deadly wrong.

T-vice will be

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Alez says...

Se yon bon bagay si Aysyen tap respekte la lwa. T Vice pap janm gen mizisyen

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Caribe Antoine says...

That's music to my ears, because if that rule was in effect Nu Look would still be together.


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Erin says...

Well it's very simple...

If these musicians did sign contracts in the presence of lawyers stating that they will be held liable if they should leave the group unexpectedly or with out prior notice then, T-Vice would be

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Subject: Attention Haitian Musicians: Did you know about this new T-VICE Rule? edit

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