Todos somos Haiti! -- Dominican President Danilo Medina Interrupted!

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Topic: Todos somos Haiti! -- Dominican President Danilo Medina Interrupted!

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Haitians, stop building other countries and rebuild Haiti! read more >
Robergeau, 3-Dec-13 10:14 pm
"Haitians are like the Jews. Were ever we immigrate, we experience trouble/racism." Rebuild your country, strengthen your economy, create a strong... read more >
Ricart, 5-Dec-13 12:03 pm
"Finally, there are Dominicans that are standing to defend Haitians!" Not all Dominicans are heartless and ungrateful. Some of us are just in favor... read more >
Ricart, 5-Dec-13 12:12 pm
"Most of the Haitians living in the Dominican Republic are cheap labor for them so they should be grateful and show solidarity for their... read more >
Ricart, 5-Dec-13 12:23 pm
Hahaha... Haiti is one thing.. Republic of Haiti is another thing...the Island was called Haiti or quisqueya by the tainos... But That Haiti Its not... read more >
Hatuey, 23-Dec-14 4:46 pm
How Many of you have been in the Dominican Republic? Stop talking about things you dont know... Im Dominican, i live in DR, i have haitians friends... read more >
Hatuey, 23-Dec-14 4:55 pm
Do you want people to support Your cause? What is Your cause? I really one to know. read more >
Hatuey, 23-Dec-14 4:59 pm
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