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You are stupid liar and retarded.

Where in the U.S.A this would ever happen?

Kim, October 14 2013, 5:10 PM

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Topic: New Haiti Banking Measures Catches Diaspora Haitians Off Guard

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It seems like this would be difficult in most of Haiti with so many people with no electricity. read more >
Patsey, 11-Oct-13 2:04 pm
That happens in the U.S., particularly to the poor class. We call it 'being on the grid' meaning bought into and dependent on the system. It's a... read more >
Floyd, 11-Oct-13 10:50 pm
Check and balance, Order, Discipline NO more bandit legal, one rule for all. RESPECT HAITI read more >
Emile A Saint-lot, 12-Oct-13 4:58 am
From each new account, the bank should give $5.00 HT or $1.00US in a state funding to help removing kids from the street. read more >
Anne, 12-Oct-13 10:33 pm
Au gouvernement et a la Banque Centrale: Commencez par cadastrer les terres et a respecter les proprietaires (je parle des racquetteurs qui... read more >
Jane, 13-Oct-13 7:59 am
Why so many people getting so negative about, is it because you are in Haiti and u shouldnt follow rules n regulation? At least they find a way to... read more >
Jeff H, 13-Oct-13 8:01 am
@ Anne, just so their parents can go ahead and have more kids, because someone else is going to pay to take care of them. You must be a democrat! read more >
Neoconcept, 13-Oct-13 3:56 pm
Nan ka sa mazora ap tounen. Kob la ap sere anba kabann. read more >
Esdras, 14-Oct-13 12:34 pm
Yes that what it is, You go the to a bank with your money than you open an account in the U.S.A. Maybe else where like Haiti, I think the Haitian... read more >
Kim, 14-Oct-13 5:04 pm
You are stupid liar and retarded. Where in the U.S.A this would ever happen? read more >
Kim, 14-Oct-13 5:10 pm
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