I second that!

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I agree whole heartedly!

Bee, July 17 2013, 1:59 PM

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Topic: Haitian Beliefs - The Butterfly and my Dead Grandmother

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Woodie, Man I'm not a big believer of our whole voodoo culture but I'm a believer in respecting all things as long they don't interfere with what U... read more >
Gonzales Joseph, 3-Jul-13 5:47 pm
If I dies and I'm reincarnated into a butterfly please dont smush me so I dont come back a cockroach... lol read more >
Ms Jones, 3-Jul-13 8:12 pm
Yes I used (dies) in a plural form.... {if that's possible}... I'm just saying, I thought once we die that's it. read more >
Ms Jones, 3-Jul-13 8:15 pm
I was kind of stupefait when I read your article.I like to hear about ces legendes du terroir. I used to hear my father saying 'do not kill a big... read more >
Lucie, 3-Jul-13 8:31 pm
I believe it... But it's not just butterfly that I heard about. when my brother pass away he came back as a cat and I don't care for cats. They told... read more >
Judith Jolicoeur, 4-Jul-13 3:04 am
as 'Gonzales Joseph' say, respect all things as long as it doesn't interfere with your inner peace. let the butterfly lives. read more >
Kreyolman, 4-Jul-13 10:59 am
I agree whole heartedly! read more >
Bee, 17-Jul-13 1:59 pm
"Ala de koze papa... Everywhere on the planet, a butterfly is a butterfly but in Haiti... It could be my dead grandmother...". It's not just in... read more >
Bee, 17-Jul-13 2:13 pm
hello Brenson, so if i get it correctly, you died before and you had those 2 choices or you are just repeating what no one had verify and take it as... read more >
Kreyolman, 21-Jul-13 12:47 am


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