Helicopter made in Haiti

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Topic: Helicopter made in Haiti

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That's incredible. I like that a lot. I would put those young gentlemen through school and have them sign a contract with me for at least 20 years... read more >
Joe, 9-Apr-10 10:30 am
kontinye travay pa rete sou glwa nou toujou mete lan tete nou wout la toujou long pou nou ka kontinye travay nou minm ayisyen ninpot bagay nou fe... read more >
Theano Cavendish, 9-Apr-10 3:06 pm
Mesye travay sa se yon bagay kap rete nan memwa tout ayisyan, e kap rete nan istwa peyi nou ayiti. Pa okipe pyes lot nasyon kap di pou nou vann li... read more >
Jonas, 10-Apr-10 2:37 pm
Yeah.. I know...I can see why this story can be really emotionally charged. But the fact is this thing will not leave the ground. At least they are... read more >
Jimmy, 13-Apr-10 4:55 pm
I love it, tres genial! Am very proud of those 2 brothers and yes continued education in that field is a plus so go for it! read more >
Carol Merceron, 15-Apr-10 9:20 pm
I really love the idea, at least there are people who are thinking positive instead of those who are kidnaping, killing, raping etc... I support... read more >
Ronald Joseph, 18-Apr-10 1:12 pm
Ca ce youn gran akomplisman. Kembe tet nou an plas. Koute konsey moun ki konpran'n read more >
Yvan Leconte, 22-Apr-10 2:44 pm
Se byen sa mesye bon travay, se yon istwa kap rete grave nan lespri tout Haitien, toujou mande bon Dye pou ban nou plis entelijens pou nou kapab ale... read more >
Gerald Jacotin, 22-Apr-10 3:28 pm
I whant no if it real helicopter made in hait Iwant moro information please send moro information read more >
Henal Myrthil, 1-May-10 10:29 am
I think this 3 haitian Young Guys should truthly appriciated. they have talent, knowledge, and tone of skills. Congradulations to Them. Hope their... read more >
Dpaul, 6-May-10 10:23 am
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