Confessions of a Haiti NGO Worker

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Topic: Confessions of a Haiti NGO Worker

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Unfortunately, due to our mishandling of our human and natural resources, Haiti is now the perfect example of a stark contrast between a past of... read more >
Legrand Parisien Salvant, 16-May-13 12:49 pm
Until the Haitian People indeed learn how to fish instead of having to take the handouts of fish leftovers then any Aid from the NGO's are all DEAD... read more >
Nadine, 16-May-13 1:05 pm
I saw this article online yesterday, and it has bothered me ever since. There is a lot of truth to it, but I think the solution is a lot more... read more >
Matt Altman, 17-May-13 7:53 am
I said it years ago " GET THOSE BLOOD SUCKING PARASITES OF NGO'S OUT OF HAITI" but the response was "what are you doing to help Haiti" and here is... read more >
Negbelair, 17-May-13 7:59 pm
It's a very candid article pointing to a very sad truth. Haiti has become "the Republic of NGOs." There are thousands of them "working" there. Many... read more >
Tom F Driver, 19-May-13 4:39 am
Menm jan proveb la dil la, menm nan lanfe gen moun pa. read more >
Rich, 20-May-13 9:07 pm


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