Haitian Flag is equal to really liberation of an etnian race

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I Admire this page because i understand, i visualize, i catch the essence of whats really is a independence of a race that was flagellum son by traditions few morals, but lamentably the morals concepts in Haiti and other Countries who has taken this same liberty in order to give to appear again the slavery, this degradation cause of lack of moral and subjection to her, the result is an inmigration and this damn racism and discrimination mainly, here with that one fall in the same saga of slavery, i understand because we are humans (born to free, NOT TO THE LIBERTINISM)and i understand we need the survival because that the immigration takes place, i know and i saw how much this cases form part of the Haitian Nation because my parents are Domin...s..

but im born in England, im not a black boy, is all the opposite i am a descendent sons of european and i am a european nacionalist, but mainly i believe in the moral justice, in the armony of the men and in the greatest of one God, if you Haitian nation go to the foreigner nation you can say what the world is not of a men if no of a nature, of God and the human human beings can live in peace and armony, perhaps Yankeeland is not a mix of race of over the world who they lived peacefully, perhaps not excist the german jewish, the american jewish, the african-american does not exist?, why excist independence and not armony in all mind?, why?

because the ambicious is the nature of selffish conquers, the inmagration is only the entrance to the more production of humans if does not exist the previous thing, one to land of one this is not a sin, if the demond nature of the mind want earth this is the foothpath to the collapse, the earth, this is not the nesesary, the nesesary is the life.

The Doors of the eufory is the same moral, not the bay superstition, we most try dont take the moral in our comfort if no the moral take us for finally take it in or hand.

Haiti if you see with the mistic eye, with the moral hand in the East wind what do you thing what to see?, the same errors, the same hell, and if you can to percive Domin...ns are really and disorganized and this economy is a death, and they talk pure excrement of the Haitians if the are master of migration, protesting by etnic right in Yankeeland in order to take they fuckers barbarisms to land of other, other that want a little justice.

Really where are America, What is America, Where the fantastic Independence, where in the actual dirty inmoral hand of the people?, then why give independence for this?

the flag is only a paper with beuty colors and not abstract significate.


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I Admire this page because i understand, i visualize, i catch the essence of whats really is a independence of a race that was flagellum son by... read more >
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