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It's amazing How everything happens. First I want to thank you Woodring for your diligent work providing us with informations about our country and... read more >
Topic, 19-May-04 10:41 am
Very well my good man, you have done well.This is what I am talking about. The history of haitians is the pride of Haiti.It is the blood and the... read more >
Topic, 19-May-04 4:29 pm
That was well said. I have learned so much just by reading this artical. I LOVE THIS WED-STE. We need to educated eath other. read more >
Topic, 27-May-04 8:21 pm
It is always refreshing to learn about my country’s history. read more >
Topic, 11-Jun-04 1:33 pm
I Admire this page because i understand, i visualize, i catch the essence of whats really is a independence of a race that was flagellum son by... read more >
Topic, 23-Feb-05 1:25 am


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