Would You Drink River Water in Haiti?

QUESTION: If you grew up in Haiti, then moved to the USA or Canada for 17 years, would you ever grab a cup of river water (dlo riviere) and drink it?

Let's not even consider the Cholera factor...

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True Story: Vwala se Diaspora ki ale andeyo Hinche! LOL...

As I sit here, in my undisclosed location, waiting for my water to be disinfected... LOL... let me tell you a true story...

Hinche Haiti - Once upon a time, diaspora Woody went to the country side of Hinche Haiti to visit an old friend.

Being that this was Diaspora Woody's favorite spot for "ALL you can eat Mangoes and ZORANJ Di Bwa" growing up in Haiti, it was only fair to pay the old man a visit.

When Diaspora Woody arrived, everyone was so happy to see him. They were grateful that the little boy, now all grown up, remembered his way back to the little spot where he used to climb an orange tree, eat oranges until he was too full to come down, sleep atop of the tree until after digestion so he could come down.

"W'ap manje?" the old man said!

"O O... Me wi," Diaspora Woody replied!

The old man walked 10 steps, cut to fresh corns, walked to the kitchen area in the yard and told a little girl:

"Men... Boukannen sa yo pou Doudou!"

They joked and laughed as Diaspora Woody ate his Mayi boukannen...

Feeling thirsty afterwards, Diaspora Woody said:

"Banm yon ti dlo pou-m bwe souple..."

The little girl went inside the house and came back with a big bug of water.

As Diaspora Woody prepares to quench his thirst, he spots a few strange organisms dancing in the murky water at the bottom of the cup.

"Holy... Jesus!" he said.

"O O," the old man quickly said, "Ou pap ka bwe dlo a non neg pam, l'ap few malad wi! Se dlo Gwayamouk wi! Gwayamouk sal..."

So Diaspora Woody said to himself: "If don't drink this water, then I am going to humiliate the same people I came to visit... Hoooo Boyyy... Ouuuuu Wiiiii...."

"Ki Dlo ou bwe ou menm?" Diaspora Woody ask the old man.

"Bon," the old man said, "nou oblije bwe li paske se li sel nou genyen."

"Li pa few malad!" Diaspora Woody said sarcastically, eyes wide open, scared as hell...

"Hmmmm," the old man replied, "nou vivan toujou wi, jiska prezan!"

"So, si-l pa few anyen, li pa ka fe-m malad!"

So Diaspora Woody aims the cup towards his mouth while reciting the faster prayer he has ever made:

"God, I am about to drink this stuff... [Eyes Closed] Please God... I am only doing this to prove to these people that I am still the same person... Please God... Gloop... Gloop... Gloop... dont let nothing bad happen to me dear Lord..."

Welll... I am still alive telling you the story aint I?

God Heard! Nothing happened!

And I heard God too... I aint NEVER gonna do that again!

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Gigie says...


Wi Bel istwa! Thank you for sharing.


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Ti Djo says...

Monche mwen pap baw manti, apre zafe kolera sa, menm benyen mwen pe benyen nan dlo rivye Haiti, ale we pou-m ta bwe dlo rivye a lol.

Bel istwa, se pa de ri-m

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Patrick Princivil says...

Oh! Oh!

If Minustah and UN live the Haïti right now the criminal in Haiti will dance.

Leave MINUSTAH there for now until God send a second King David in Haïti to rule over Haiti properly and bring the nation of Haiti in the right spot.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Please! Follow this instruction to survive my brothers and sisters.

We can not compare clean with unclean; the whole world is in a critical situation.

Nuclear bacteria and all kind of chemical poison the sea and all rivers who produce water.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Yes I can drink better water in Haïti, or anywhere in the world how?

If you live closer to a desert, if you dig your own hole from the hearth until you find water, and, find small stones or sands who will not suck dust, stick a plastic pipe in that hole, Home Depot, Canadian tire or Rona etc sell filters a best filter start at a minimum $30:00; uk-up an electric pump or manual pump on it; inside your house huk-up your filter in that pipe. Make sure nobody in this area just dig hole, build their bathroom to caca in, otherwise you will drink water' caca,

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Jean says...

zanmi mwen, mwen pa ka ba ou manti mwen te konn bwè dlo rivyè menn jan ak tout moun ki abite bo rivyè men aprè 4 an mwen pase an deyo pey Ayti mwen pa kwè mwen ap janm ka bwè dlo rivyè pou yon koz kom sa e ot. Epi mwen pa tande ou kèk tan di mwen ki kote ou ye

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Luko Adjaffi says...


why not if the water pass the natural filter of mother nature and there are no dead animals up

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Garry Dedtin says...

I think if one swims in it, it is equal as drinking.

Use it for bathing or washing your hand is equal as

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Lenn says...

No i wouldn't drink that water.

Même si se te en Haiti mwen te ye mpa kwem tap bwe'l.

then again it as nothing to do with the country, I'm in Canada where ever i was I would not. You can get sick from it, specially if you system is NOT use to

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