Why are people who go to Haiti so attached to her?

I came to the United States when I was 14 years old, that's more than 20 years ago and sometimes I ask myself what is it about Haiti that keeps me so attached... so attached... that it almost feels like, when I am not in Haiti, I am missing something in my life?

Haiti - Change You Can Believe In

Let me tell you something, I am not the only one who feels that way. And if you are Haitian living abroad and you feel the same love for Haiti, you are not the only one either.

It seems that as soon as any foreigner touches that soil, Haiti Cherie, they fall in love too!

The United States of America may be the land of opportunity but Haiti Cherie, Haiti is land of great spirits.

I am not talking about vodou spirits, my friend, I am talking about you. You are the reason people fall in love with Haiti.

Pep La... You are my nature RICH in spirit.

In the article, "Finding the lessons between the lines of Haiti stories" posted on newsleader.com, the following questions are asked:

  • So what's the big deal about Haiti?
  • Why are people who go to Haiti so attached?
  • What's so special about Haiti?

Many foreigners who have been to Haiti and are asked theses questions usually answers:

  • You have got to go to Haiti to understand!
  • You will understand once you go to Haiti, once you meet the Haitian people.
  • The Haitian people are the key, they are poor in worldly goods, but rich in spirit.

It is a very interesting article, you should read it.

We the people of the Republic of Haiti...

We are "poor in worldly goods, but rich in spirit"


Have you ever been to the country side of Haiti?

Some of the greatest Haitian people still live there.

Over the years, we move the city, we move to other foreign lands, and we forget who we really are. We are blinded by fake wealth, a big house, a fancy car, status, and we forget that the true purpose of living which is to live.

Are you beginning to understand why, with all the cars, fancy houses, and all the money you make living outside of Haiti or in the busy streets of the city, are you beginning to understand that you are missing something in your life?

Perhaps it's your spirit.

I am happier when I am in Haiti, I am happier when I am home, but I still have not convinced myself yet that...

It is time to go home!

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Reginald says...

my name reginald st. preux?

follow ehh at reggie222 or facebook stpreuxrreggie at yahoo.com, damn i thought i was the only one on earth, o

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Reginald says...

hey my name is reginald saint preux but i spell it st. preux but umm i was going to say that you have a good point haiti is the lland of good sprit in the usa is the land of great

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Thomas Valcin says...

I agree withyou, like i laways say there is no place like home, i miss her a lot when ispend 3-6 months away from her, but i agree it is not time yet to go, but we should plan on it.
I also believe trhouhg this website, we can make it happen and honestly i feel like you are one of the 10 top who can help make it happen with the wonderfull job that you are doing out there and i feel like you care a lot.
Togethere we can do it, YES WE CAN.
With this website, i don't feel like i am too far away from home

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Thony S Jean-baptiste says...

You are so right, Haiti staying in my life a secret of heat, I allways say on all my page, Haiti is special for me, because I love my country haiti, even they say haiti is a poor country, I don't beleive that, if haiti is a poor country why all american live in haiti?


for keep saying haiti is a poor country is a political cover, haiti is rich, so many poeples scare to say say it and I can prouve it haiti is not a poor country, just say, haitian government don't how to control financial the country, they think they smart, they not, even general hospital in haiti the government don't know nothing about it, some poeples on that government they know how to control everything but they don't have enaugh power to do it, the stupid one allway had power to do alot of thing and they don't even know what they doing, it's time to come with the new haiti,,, My name is Thony S. Jean-Baptiste no body can make me don't like my country haiti, whatever they saying bad bad thing about my country haiti, I love my country because this is something inside of

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Tousner Alexandre says...

that very nice my self same way to the spirit is there you exacle speak the truth my question why haiti have to be in citiation we are now?

do you think because we cant control are good spirit life we hire the good we let the bad go over the good that make us feel we dont have noting good to offer i glade you see the same i feel not only you me many of those feel same way to thanks for the message keep the good spirit world you will bless have good christmas may god bless your day this Tousner Alexandre nassau bahamas box ss 19659 email bigmastertousner at yahoo.com or smolboy_alex at hotmail.com phone 12423946971 or 9 majic jack

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Jean Gerard Rhau says...

You are right! Many feel the same way you do.
God bless you,
Until Heaven descends, we will appreciate what we have now....

Bishop J. Gerard

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Batheline says...

What do you want me to do, sir?

I cannot go back because i am not the one who put me in the Bahamas.

And i am not the kind of people, u don't know nothing about me. Some haitians don't even let people know the are haitians.

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Darline says...

I do agree with everything u said i came to America when i was 13 now im 19....theres somethin about Haiti...i was talking to my best friend hes from Spain he always want to speak crole i do teach him some words so last year we went to haiti for 2 weeks now if he go somewhere they ask him whats ur nationality he said im haitian some people said u not black how come u haitian he said im a mulatte haitian i tell dis haiti is the best country ever...his biggest dream is after he married hes to live in

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Jean Claude says...

you are so true brother i was in Jamaica and always have that desire to go to Haiti just because something was missing now i am in New York i feel the same way just because "lakay se lakay".

I am proud of being a Haitian when i walk in the streets of united states of America, i do it with pride and dignity and i will ne ver and ever let any one by any means diminish my personality and where i come from i am a true patriot of my Haiti cherie.

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Peg says...

I couldn't agree more. I have been living in USA since 1984 and I go at least once a year.
Well said Man
By the way I think you are doing a good job in the community.

Keep it

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