What happened to the TOURISM fever in Haiti?

Two years ago, when Stephanie Villedrouin was Minister of Tourism, there was almost a tourism fever in Haiti. Since she's been gone, well... What can I say??? Things are... Dead!!! :)

Stephanie Villedrouin - Haiti Minister of Tourism

Question: When was the last time you heard something interesting happening in regards to tourism in Haiti?

I surely haven't heard anything and I am constantly looking for information.

What do you think about that?

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Lesbiens says...

They hired an inept individual to run a dynamic and challenging department.

What did you expect?

In Haiti, one step forward two steps back, is our

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Il y a deux ans, lorsque Stephanie Villedrouin était ministre du Tourisme, il y avait presque une fièvre du tourisme en Haïti. Depuis qu'elle est parti, bon ...

Qu'est-ce que je peux dire?

Les choses sont ...

Dead !!! :)

Question: Quand est-ce que la dernière fois que vous avez entendu quelque chose d'intéressant sur le tourisme en Haïti?

Je n'ai certainement rien entendu et je recherche constamment des

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Subject: What happened to the TOURISM fever in Haiti? edit

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