Watch this WOW Haiti Video, a Haiti Tourist Experience you Have to See to Believe

Haiti Tourism Update -- Watch this WOW Haiti Video, Filmmaker and journalist Monica Walton captured her Haitian Experience and decided to share it with the world...

Take a look...

What do you think???

Here is is... Something we like to call a WOW Haiti tourism video... Watch...


Doesn't this video make you want to visit Haiti? Believe me, there is a lot more where that came from...

HAITI, Experience It!!!

Thank YOU, Monica Walton for capturing the amazing side of our beloved Haiti Cherie, and thank you for sharing with the world...

What do you think about that?

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Lochard Noel says...

This video is a ''replique'' to the ''eternal lie'' according to which Haiti would be the poorest country of the Western

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Nazir says...

This is very beautiful, reminds me of my country, sweet Island of Trinidad and our sister Island of Tobago.

Makes me want to go annually.

Know what I

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Patrick Princivil says...

Fanm nanm nan ap mélanjé bèlgay ak vyé zèv démonyak nou tou wèl pa kanpé sou anyen.

sèlman vyé démon parèy kap pran van nan sa lap patajé yo paské yo kindané vi yo pou yal nan

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Gerda says...

I visited Haiti last year and found some of these nice spots but most of the time, I was chocked by the dirt and unhealthiness of the Streets and the crowed Streets and traffic jammed Streets which makes it impossible to circulate by car. If Haiti wants to develop its tourism, it's got to improve all its infrastructures and train its hotel personnel to be more professional, in otherwords, there is a lot to be done! Good luck Haiti

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