Was there an Earthquake aftershock in Haiti yesterday?

We have a reports that there might have been an earthquake aftershock in Haiti yesterday, they say a man ran outside of his house in his underwear... Yes... Yesterday.... Have you heard anything?

Earthquake in Haiti - Haitian Flag - Collapsed University

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A friend of mind told me he was talking somebody n Haiti who suddenly told him she felt the grounds shaking.

Di-m kisa-w tande

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Kiwie says...

I can't really tell you, but I spoke to my family and they did tell me they felt the earth shake, I would not have believed them if not for my mother who was not in Haiti when it happened, I usually think that they have post traumatic stress due to this event...but if my mom tells me than it might be true, I have not heard it in the news

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Lucien Venus says...

It is not real, if there was an earthquake yesterday we should all know, cause since january 12 2010. Haitian government created a experts groups to announce peoples about earthquake a few time after and known what we called risk

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Bill Charles says...

Can we start a PAP

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Marie says...

I have not heard anything, I'll keep you posted if

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Subject: Was there an Earthquake aftershock in Haiti yesterday? edit

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